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It’s a fun tale about how the new “Peeping Chick” friendship card shown above came to be: A cardie named Mary Ann Martello emailed us the photo and graciously wrote, “First let me say that I am such a fan of your company. I am so happy to have found your cards and share them with family and friends!  And what a sweet touch, enclosing a special note with orders! I love that!

“So here comes the second reason for my e mail! I have been blessed with four wonderful grandchildren. Last month the oldest texted me this picture she took. Isn’t it adorable?! I printed some copies, glued them on card stock, wrote, ‘Original Photo by Cece’ on the back and mailed them to her. What a confidence boost! I am forwarding that picture to you.”Hehe, no mention of the fact that the photographer she so admires was all of 11! 🙂 We wrote Mary Ann, “It was fun and gratifying to hear from you, and we think the image is nearly as dear as your motives. What do you think of the proposed card message: ‘Hey there … it feels like ages since I’ve heard a peep out of you! :)’ If you and Cece agree, we’ll test it for publication. No promises!” Mary Ann responded, “Can’t wait to share with Cece and, no matter the outcome, what a great life lesson for her! Thank you … sincerely. The serendipitous thing is the baby chick’s name!  It’s Peep! So, your message suggestion is perfect!”

The design tested well, so we reached out to let Cece know and ask for a photo for this story. She replied, “I’m sending this photo of me with Ben; he’s my horse and best friend and who inspired me to start shooting. I don’t have a real camera, I use my iPhone to take photos 🙂 No one has ever taught me, and I haven’t ever taken any classes, it’s just something I started doing. I found a talent that I had that I never knew I had.”

She shared, “Peep was a Quail Antwerp Belgian Bantam – a breed of very small chickens that stay very small. We got Peep as a chick and I let my best friend name him and she named him Peep 🙂 The name fit him perfectly. He was so tiny when we first got him. So tiny that he was smaller than the palm of my hand. He used to lay on his back and let us rub his belly. He was VERY friendly and would let us carry him all around. He was the nicest chicken we’ve ever had. One day we came out and noticed that Peep was missing 🙁 He was so small that he could fit through the wire in the chicken coop. We aren’t sure what happened to him, but we like to believe that he decided to go on an adventure and he is out in the world somewhere having lots of fun adventures!”

Thanks, Cece and Grandma Mary Ann. Little did that escape artist Peep know he would one day be helping the rest of us spread friendship throughout the land!

~ jodee stevens
founder & creative director

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