Pure Puppy Love

People often ask us, “Which comes first, the message or the photo?”
Answer is: It all depends on which reaches us first! In the case of “be up for anything” cover dog Phoebe, it was the adorable image that prompted a card. Three pounds at three months old, Phoebe belongs to our great Massachusetts Rep Karen Miller, and what a bittersweet tale of love and loss those two have to tell.

A year before Phoebe entered the picture, Karen tragically lost two dogs very dear to her — Knopa to a hit-and-run driver and Lucy to aggressive lymphoma. If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know it’s crushing.

As many people do after having to put a beloved animal down, Karen could have “taken a break” to grieve and distance herself from further loss. Instead, she had just so much love to give that she threw her whole heart into the hunt for another sweet animal that needed a good home. When she saw the pic of Phoebe on petfinder.com, it was love at first sight. Phoebe and her three siblings had been rescued from the 110° southern California desert heat and taken to Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary outside San Diego … a long way from Boston where Karen and her partner Deb live but, hey, Karen was smitten!

Even before she flew west to bring Phoebe home, the proud new doggiemama had sent me a snapshot taken at the sanctuary. I received it via text while in a Cardthartic staff meeting and, the moment I turned the phone around, saw the tender looks on our team members’ faces and heard their “awws,” I knew we had the makings of a great card. Only problem was, the sanctuary photo was not high-enough resolution. 🙁 Phoebe’s pic would have to be reshot.

Little Phoebe has boundless energy, so getting her to sit for a portrait was quite a feat. 🙂 “We tried three different days for hours at a time trying to get her to stop long enough to get a good shot,” laughed Karen. “Deb took literally hundreds of pictures of just a little white blur. We wore ourselves out trying to wear Phoebe out! Finally, when we caught her on the porch steps, we knew we’d got the shot.” Indeed. Thanks, Deb and Karen. By gracing our new Little Reminders card, your little rescue will melt the hearts of many.

~ jodee stevens
founder & creative director

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