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This weekend, I plan to order cards to send friends and family for Thanksgiving. I’ve been thinking that, while all year long I’m very conscious of what I’m grateful “for,” the idea of sending cards makes me step back and consider who I’m grateful “to.”

I shared that sentiment with our Sales Director, Carissa Nelson, yesterday as I was driving Miss Josephine Barker to have a CT scan. Next week, this beloved little dog of mine will have radiation therapy to shrink an inoperable tumor on her spine. As I said to Carissa, at times like these I would typically think, “Thanks, God, for the talent that creates the cards that creates the income that will possibly create a miracle for this sweet creature.” With Thanksgiving cards on my mind, though, I was focused on how grateful I am to the amazing vet oncologists who will possibly change the course of Josephine’s little life.

Carissa readily agreed, “I, too, am a very grateful person, but I do find I seem to give thanks for things more often than people: My health, our home, a safe car to drive.” Then she shared, “When I was in that fender bender a few months ago, I quickly jumped on my phone, asking my mom to please go pick up the kids at daycare, saying to my husband that I was shaken up and hoped he could come home early. If I hadn’t immediately reached those two, I had another five or six more people I could have called for support.

“Meanwhile, the other driver – 85-year-old Minnie – shared with me, ‘I honestly don’t know who to call.’ She had no one. I helped her call for a tow and, while we waited, multiple supportive text messages rolled in from my sister and dad. In that moment with Minnie, it struck me how very lucky I am to have so many people that would drop everything for me. So, in gratitude for this epiphany, I’m now going to send Minnie a card for Thanksgiving, letting her know she has a new friend for life.”

Still driving, I checked in with friend and mentor Jack Kraft, who frankly blew me away with his plans for a thank you of all thank you’s … Jack will send cards to two women who helped care for his beloved mother, Ann, who died recently at 93. And he will write to these caregivers, “Mom always said you made her feel like a princess,” and then surprise Marie and Judy Ann with a trip to visit their respective mothers in Haiti and the Philippines. How lovingly grateful is that!?!

As you may know, it’s a very gratifying exercise, this sending of Thanksgiving cards. What we want to be sure you know is how much we appreciate You (so don’t be surprised when we include the armful of flowers card FREE with every order placed before November 16). In the lead-up to Thanksgiving, and every day, with a full and grateful heart, we thank you. 🙂

~ jodee stevens
founder & chief creative officer

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