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Leaves Feel Better Card

And we pray those days come soon.

Darla-Markley-Head-ShotMy friend Bill Benamati was awaiting a heart-liver transplant –he was at the top of the transplant list, but his health was failing. We all remained hopeful that “the call” would come, and I sent Bill Passages card 93512, the card that reads, “We know how much you wish you felt better … and we pray those days come soon.”. A few days later I logged onto Facebook and couldn’t believe what I saw ….”the call” had come for Bill!

Bill and Julie had posted the message on their way out the door to the transplant surgery. As I was reading this, my cell phone rang. It was Bill, calling from the car as Julie drove. He told me that when he read my card, he knew that it was a sign of good luck, that the transplant was really going to happen. The transplant was a HUGE success. The doctors cannot believe the speed of his recovery. In less than three weeks from the surgery, Bill should be at home in his own bed. Just an example of the power of a card!

Darla Markley is Cardthartic’s Rep in Eastern Pennsylvania

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