Dad Gratitude

To all the good dads out there, Happy Father’s Day. May it be a day you feel duly appreciated because, God knows, most other days a lot of us treat you and all you do for us as a given. And you’re not!

I’ve always loved the story that Randy Moore, our printing company’s founder, tells about his daughter. “One night, when Melanie was about 15, I wouldn’t let her go to a party where I felt she didn’t belong. She was fuming mad. After a few rounds with me holding firm, she marched upstairs and slammed the hinges off her bedroom door. I thought we were done for the night but, Nooo!” Randy chuckled, “A few minutes later, back down she stormed, got right up in my face and pronounced, ‘You know, I can get another dad just like That!’ and snapped her fingers at me. I didn’t want to laugh in the face of her fury, but I just had to as she was such a loving handful.” Hehe, Melanie went on to become a professional actress, and holds her still-protective papa near and dear. 🙂

I recently asked my friend Larry Morini how he thought his large family grew up to be so close and in a heartbeat he said, “Our dad. Even though he died when I was still a boy, one of my strongest memories is of him having us all kneel around our table in Queens to say the rosary together for up to an hour every night before dinner.” Ouch! I said, and Larry was quick to explain, “Yes, but we grew up with his message that that tight circle of loved ones around us would always be there for each other. And we still are.”

The day after this conversation with Larry, my friend Nancy McGinn happened to share the childhood memory of her farmer father coming in from the fields one hot summer evening, covered with sweat and dirt head-to-toe. “He found me by my lonesome, pitifully throwing the ball up on the roof of the house and catching it when it rolled back down. I can still hear him saying, ‘What’s the matter, Nanc? Did you complain to Mom that there’s nothing to do around here maybe one too many times today?’ 🙂  Then, as exhausted and ready for a shower and supper as he must have been, he said, ‘Let’s play ball.’ I’m sure it was only 15 or 20 minutes of pitch & catch, but I remember it so well decades later because — with just that small gesture — my father made me feel as seen and acknowledged as I have ever been.”

As many Cardthartic followers know, I always tie the birth of this company with the death of my Dad, 25 years ago now … it was the kind, sincere sentiments so many people wrote in their condolence cards to our family that made me think, “Wow, why don’t card companies publish real messages like these?” and ultimately to answer, “Why don’t I?”

If you are fortunate enough to have had a good father in your life, and can take the time to sit and consider the many small but significant ways he’s touched it, we hope today you will find a way — whether in person, by phone or by prayer — to say, “Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for you.”

~ jodee stevens
founder & creative director

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