First, TGIF! Next, If you’ll soon be celebrating the birthday of someone who loves a good beer or some fine wine, here are a few ideas for you ~ cards inspired by a certain someone who will soon responsibly celebrate her 94th!If you’ve followed Cardthartic for any length of time, you’ve read various stories of my Miami Beach neighbor friend mentor, Hannlis. You’ve heard all about how wise and inspiring she is. Now, let me tell you, she’s also a hoot! Always a little mischievous and merry, like the taste of her favorite aperitif, Peppermint Schnapps. The two cards above quote Hannlis when she sends her regrets to parties she can’t make (rare, but it happens 🙂

Here holding a bottle of champagne, she’s wearing her ever-present Life Alert necklace and big smile shortly before her 93rd. Hannlis brought the bottle down to the shore one lazy Sunday afternoon, to the delight of those of us who already happened to be there.

“What’s the occasion?” we asked, though of course none was necessary. 🙂  Well, she explained, one of her favorite lifeguards had just graduated from college, and she thought she’d surprise him with a bottle of bubbly. Bright and early that morning, she’d placed the champagne carefully in the basket of her walker, lowered the lid and then put the big, highly-decorated cake she’d had made for him on top of that. But when she arrived at the lifeguard stand, she’d been told the graduate had not yet made it in. Back home she went. A few hours later, she packed it all up again and trooped to his elevated station, where there he now sat. Only, as Hannlis told us while she wrestled with the cork, “He was still quite hung-over!  So I handed him the cake, gave him a big hug and headed straight here. No use wasting this delicious beverage on someone who clearly can’t handle it.”  Pop!  That’s our Hannlis. 🙂

It’s been fun … after reading some Hannlis tale or other over the years, a number of Cardies have emailed us, “I wish I had a buddy like Hannlis.” And no wonder! This matriarch’s motto has always been one to live by: “Make more time for friends, sunshine, books, music, wine: They all exist solely for our enrichment.”

We many not all be fortunate enough to live as long and healthy a life as Hannlis, but we can sure strive to live it as joyfully.


~ jodee stevens
cardthartic founder & chief creative officer

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