Astrid’s Story


their love lasts a lifetime.

Astrid's StoryA friend and her five-year-old golden retriever had run the same path nearly every day since the dog was a pup.  On a recent run, the dog suddenly stopped, collapsed and, when my friend ran to him, died there in her arms.  After carrying the dog home, she was inconsolable, as was her eight-year-old son, for whom the dog was like a family member.
I sent my friend the Cardthartic card that shows the little boy and the golden on a beach looking out at the ocean.  The caption reads, “No matter how or when we lose our best friends … their love lasts our lifetime.”  Once she’d received the card, she came to my office, gave me a big hug, and told me that — reading it — she had been moved to tears.  She couldn’t believe I had found a card that completely captured the bittersweet feelings the family was experiencing over the loss of their beloved retriever.  It was a really special moment as we both shared stories of pets we have loved and lost.


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