A Better World

No matter how wishful, loving or beautiful, a card is not going to calm the collective nerves of our nation. But we put this one out there as a touchstone, a soothing reminder to see the good in the eyes of those who are doing us small kindnesses every day.

Cardie Christy Wheat wrote this card message to her friend Meg Mosley. “It was when Meg was going through a chaotic period in her life,” Christy remembers. “With her mother’s health declining, she was trying to move her mom closer to her while coordinating doctor’s appointments and transportation remotely.  At the same time, her job was requiring her to travel all over the world. Well, some minor drama was playing out in my life — really no big deal in comparison — and Meg took the time to reach out to ask if I needed anything. Me!?

“Thing is, she’s like this with ALL her friends, not just me. Meg’s that one-of-a-kind friend that everybody needs, the kind that shows us how much better the world could be if we were all as good to each other as she is to me.”

May this find you with a moment to bring your own Megs to mind. Let’s let their goodness fill us up and give us hope. Then let’s all go out and be Megs today.

~ jodee stevens
cardthartic founder

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  1. To all my friends and family–

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